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NXN Recordings was established in Oslo in 2019 to release Norwegian crossover projects. Its aim is to put out interesting, innovative and original music which bends, explores and challenges the established genres. There’s a lot to discover in its catalogue from neo-classical, ambient, jazz, contemporary music, and everything in between. NXN Recordings’ releases have the recognisable “Cool Nordic sound” in common, and the music has proven to have global appeal.

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Album Title Catalogue No.
BANGKOK LINGO: Tomorrow's Finally Here NXN2012
BANGKOK LINGO: Tomorrow's Finally Here NXN2012LP
BERG, Espen: Hamar Concert (The) NXN2019
BERG, Espen: Trondheim Concert (The) NXN2011
BERG, Espen: Trondheim Concert (The) NXN2011LP
BRYM, Maria: More Like You NXN3001
DREYER, B.C.: Time and Mass / Undying-Dying / Entirety / Germinal (B.C. Dreyer, Kristiansand Symphony, P.K. Skalstad) NXN4003
EPLE TRIO: Ghosts - Live in Jacobskirken NXN2001
GARRUBO, Gabriela: Rodando NXN2017
GJERSØ, Marius: Yûgen NXN4006
GRØNSETH, Anders Lønne / MULTIVERSE: Inner View NXN2010
GRØNSETH, Anders Lønne / MULTIVERSE: Outer View NXN2009
HARR, Thorbjørn / HARTBERG, Aslak: Scar NXN2002
HAUGEN, Sebastian: Fremtidsfabler NXN2020
HELL, Thom / ULVO, Andreas: Christmas Songs NXN5001
HERSKEDAL, D.: Desert Lighthouse (Herskedal, Myhre) NXN4004
HUSEBØ, Kjetil: Years of Ambiguity NXN4007
IHLEBÆK, A.: I Will Build You a House NXN1004
IHLEBÆK, Andreas: Nowhere Everything NXN1007
INGI BJARNI: Farfuglar NXN2014
KARLSEN, Magnar / YOUNG, Jacob: Circles NXN2004
KLOVNING, Marius: Late Nights, Early Mornings NXN1005
Mats Eilertsen Trio / Trio Mediæval: Memorabilia NXN2003
Mr. MIBBLER: Falling Ladder NXN4008